Saturday, August 6, 2016

Man Adopts Stray Dog He Befriended While Running Extreme Marathon in the Gobi Desert!

   Dogs are incredible animals. They demonstrate tremendous amounts of affection, they get excited over life’s simplest pleasures (which, in the process, reminds us to do the same), and when they find someone they connect with, they are fiercely loyal. Even stray dogs, that hardly have an easy life, show an incredible amount of tenderness to people they just met.
   Dion Leonard recently witnessed the kindness stray dogs are capable of first hand while participating in an extreme marathon in China. He was taking part in 4 Desert Race when he met Gobi, the dog, in the Tian Shah mountain range. While many stray dogs are a bit hesitant around people they first meet, Gobi was not. She followed Dion, step by step, along the seven-day, 250-kilometer run. Pretty impressive stamina for such a tiny pup!...Continue reading, photos...

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