Saturday, August 6, 2016

Incredible! Russian Sailors Rescue a Shivering Stranded Dog

   Would you plunge into the freezing waters off of Siberia to save a stranded pooch?
Lucky for this lost canine, a brave fisherman was willing to take the frigid dip!
   The lost pup was spotted shivering on a piece of ice in the Okhotsk Sea. The large fishing vessel noticed the stranded animal and decided that a rescue mission was in order. The icy perch upon which the dog was standing was too far from the ship so, one of the fishermen volunteered to dive right in. Swimming out to the ice float, the fisherman enlisted the help of his crew to pull the dog to safety.
   Watch the content rescued pup celebrate his survival as he plays with a couple of huskies waiting for him nearby.
   Though the details behind how the dog ended up on the icy raft are unknown, it is safe to say that this shivering pooch was lucky to have such kind rescuers who were happy to save the day.

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