Tuesday, August 9, 2016

International Cat Day: 5 life lessons you should learn from your cat

This International Cat Day, the cat community has come together to teach humans to become a better race and stop generating cat memes on the Internet.

 The cat community is calling out to humans and is giving them life-altering lessons this International Cat Day.

Written by Soumya Mathew
   Ever thought that Dale Carnegie will not be the only one you will be taking life lessons from? Well, give it a thought if you have not already. Today, on International Cat Day, let’s pay ode to Garfield, Tom (the cat with zero chill from Tom and Jerry), Phoebe’s smelly cat from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the cat who got killed by curiosity, the neighbour’s cat and your own pet cat, because in case if you haven’t noticed, they have some thought-provoking life lessons to share with us humans.
    Although cats are generally very self-sufficient, there are times, just like us, they feel needy, and unlike us, do not have redressal mechanisms or associations that provide them solutions. Hence, International Cat Day celebrates these little balls of fur and was introduced by the International Fund of Animal Welfare in 2002 to increase the public’s awareness for the needs of cats. The last we heard, the cat community is not very pleased with the never-ending number of memes that are generated almost everyday on the Internet and are moving to file a petition to ban the word ‘catcall’. “The word is extremely offensive to our community and puts us in an extremely bad light,” one old cat told us.
   Here are five life lessons these cats decided to share with us mere two-legged homo sapiens...http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/life-style/five-life-lessons-you-can-learn-from-your-cat-2961438/

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