Thursday, August 18, 2016

‘Our wolves will come to you’: ISIL ramps up anti-Canada propaganda after Ontario terror incident

TORONTO — An image circulated by an ISIL propaganda outfit on Wednesday showed Toronto burning while a terrorist watched from nearby mountains, a wolf at his side. “Our wolves will come to you,” it read.
   As expected, ISIL has ramped up its propaganda campaign against Canada following last week’s police killing of Aaron Driver, an ISIL supporter in Strathroy, Ont. who was allegedly in the final stages of planning a bomb attack.
   Attempting to capitalize on the incident, the pro-ISIL al-Wa’d Foundation released two posters on its Telegram channel on Wednesday, including the one showing an apocalyptic Toronto, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.
   “O worshippers of the cross in Canada, now now fighting came, our wolves will come to you from where you will not know so you won’t enjoy life,” it read. The second poster showed a terrorist walking through a destroyed Toronto street.
   “Soon very soon,” it read...

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