Monday, January 5, 2015

Mosques in Canada inciting hatred against the country - New Delhi Times

By New Delhi Times Bureau
Canada is a key ally of the United States of America in the war against terrorism in general, and ISIS in particular. In Afghanistan, Canadian forces were engaged for nearly a decade countering Al Qaeda’s threat and helping to establish Afghanistan’s return to normalcy. Canada also has been an important constituent of the Western forces combating the ISIS terrorism in Iraq and the Middle East. However, the Canadian military involvement in these Islamic majority regions has also led to a manifold rise in religious extremist leaders. In a concerning revelation, several mosques in Canada have been found to incite hatred against the Canadian government’s involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East, for assisting the US in killing fellow Muslims. In recent times, there has been a proliferation of extremist Muslims becoming the religious in-charge of Mosques in Canada. Most of Muslim religious leaders in Canada openly say that their religious affiliations are much superior to their nationality and openly speak of an Islamic brotherhood. Such Islamic leaders with communal and fundamentalist dispositions have made easy inroads into a number of mosques in Canada. An apt example of such a figure is Imam Aly Hindy of Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. The Toronto imam has long been known for his controversial comments. He called the 9/11 attacks a joint CIA operation, refused to join other imams in signing a statement condemning the 2005 London bombings and referred to the Toronto 18 terrorists as good people...Continue reading...

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