Monday, January 12, 2015

Dog photos galore posted on Facebook for Arizona teen

By Terry Tang, Associated Press

What started out as a simple Facebook request for photos of dogs for a 16-year-old cancer patient has since turned the pet-loving boy into an Internet celebrity.
Anthony Lyons' love for the therapy dogs that greet him during his treatments for leukemia led a family acquaintance to put up a Facebook event page the week before Christmas to re-create the experience online.
The request, "Photo Doggies for Anthony," resulted in thousands of pooch pictures and cheered up Anthony, but it also has evoked gifts and gestures in the real world.
The attention has brought Anthony offers for donations of real dogs. People have mailed him stuffed animals. Someone offered New York Yankees tickets. Businesses wanting to capitalize on the attention have come out of the woodwork as they try to profit from the story.
While it might be tempting to use the notoriety to get money for medical and household expenses, Anthony's mother said she is adamant about not turning the page into a for-profit operation.
"No one is benefiting other than just their own happiness. And that makes me happy right now," Kristen Lyons said. "This is honestly the best thing that's ever happened to us — ever. It's given us something to do besides lay around and wait for the next 'sick' thing to happen."...Continue reading...

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