Thursday, January 15, 2015

New York’s new cat cafe, Meow Parlour

MADELINE Weinstein was reaching for the top of the shelves at Meow Parlour, New York’s new cat cafe, going for the ultimate prize: Roger, the most antisocial animal in the place. Down below, on floor level, nine other cats roamed, batting at toys, leaping exuberantly, bumping heads affectionately against the outstretched hands of customers. Roger remained aloof.
Ms. Weinstein, an actress who lives in Manhattan, extended the tips of her fingers to Roger’s nose. He took an exploratory sniff. She worked her hand behind his ears and began to scratch lightly. Roger began to thaw, then melt.
“I have two cats, so it’s kind of absurd that I’m here and paying for this,” Ms. Weinstein said. “But I can’t get too much cat in my life.”
Christina Ha, who opened Meow Parlour on Hester Street in mid-December with Emilie Legrand, one of her assistant chefs, is betting that the city is full of people who can’t get too much cat. The concept has been tried successfully in cities all over the world, notably in Japan, a cat-crazy country where landlords tend to prohibit pets. Why not New York?...Continue reading, photos...

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