Friday, January 23, 2015

Foody Garden Towers And The Future Of Urban Gardening

With over half of the world’s 7 billion people residing in urban settings, food consumption and waste has reached an all-time high. And while the accelerated rate at which the population continues to grow is alarming, the more troublesome fact remains our misuse of resources. Essentially, less is being grown resourcefully, while more is being consumed. Vertical farm owner, James Cannon, highlights the extent to which urban dwellings have contributed to the current consumption issues by explaining:
If cities produced just ten percent of the ground crops they currently consume, by employing sustainable indoor vertical farms and greenhouses to do so, then nearly half of the damaged portion of the Brazilian rainforest could theoretically be restored (340,000 square miles worth) and a significant amount of carbon would be sequestered as the result.
By just producing 10% of what they consume, cities could amazingly eliminate a huge portion of their carbon footprint...Continue reading...

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