Friday, January 10, 2014

Canada is losing its democracy

[image]The House of Commons. (CHRIS WATTIE/REUTERS)Rob Janssen,  Grimsby Lincoln News:
The political left is putting more and more restrictions on our freedoms.
Nelson Mandela made freedom his life’s mission, but Justin Trudeau in his public statement is expressing his admiration for the Chinese dictatorship. He also strongly supports inclusiveness of radical Islam in our society, ignoring that this group of violent extremists has destroyed the way of life for millions of people in Western Europe.
We all remember that McGuinty was hailed as the saviour of Ontario. It turned out he ran the most corrupt and mismanaged government Ontario ever had. Premier Wynne is continuing in his footsteps. Civilians would have gone to jail for what he and Wynne have done. In one of his first public statements McGuinty said “read my lips no new taxes”. That was the beginning of the end for Ontario’s economy. Our once flourishing province McGuinty turned into the worst one in Canada due to Liberal policies.
The same will happen with Justin Trudeau. Listen carefully to what he says. His statements are often very troubling for rational thinking people and they lack substance. He is a threat to Canada. Left-wing principals are changing Canada’s democratic structure. Our values are dismantled and replaced with offensive Liberal policies. The Liberals made a mockery of our justice system by protecting criminals instead of victims. Our judges, many appointed by Chretien, are ignoring the law and are making their own rules and showing contempt with their verdicts towards victims. The dishonest and distorted policies the left is forcing on us about environmental issues is costing Canadians dearly in their wallets and are causing major job losses in Ontario.
Our energy supply in Ontario is run by corruption and incompetence. Our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the left-wing unelected Human Rights Commission, are used by special interests to change the Canadian way of life. Canada is losing its identity. Many of these issues have nothing to do with real human rights, but it is a way for special interest groups to get what they want.
Public sector unions supported by the Liberals and the NDP have become powerful, political, secretive organizations, which manipulate for instance our education system and control elections as we saw with the Family Coalition. They forced a win for the McGuinty Liberals.
Police services are forcing their disproportional large financial demands on taxpayers without their consent, causing financial difficulties for many. They are in part responsible for the fast growing food bank problem. The Ontario Police Services Act justifies the many abuses happening within police services at a very high cost to taxpayers. “The police are held to a higher standard” a police administrator told us, yet the NRP employs many criminally convicted cops, who got a slap on the wrist for what they did, were suspended with pay and kept their jobs.
This while civilians for similar crimes get fired from their jobs without pay and do jail time. There is something very wrong with this picture. Too many times we’ve seen that the police do not uphold the law and protect civilians where needed as we saw in situation involving native, Islamic and environmental radicals and anarchists. Police chiefs are paid to enforce the law and not to ignore it as they see fit. Civilians are arrested if they do that. People need to wake up before it is too late.
Rob Janssen,

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