Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hawaiian night grouches bid aloha to common sense. National Post

"More nonsense from the Marxists at U of S." Sally and SamPresident Barack Obama wearing a culturally insensitive lei on his arrival in Hawaii.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)President Barack Obama wearing a culturally insensitive lei on his arrival in Hawaii.
National Post
The toughest thing to fathom about the alleged offence against indigenous culture represented by a poster for “Hawaiian Night” at the University of  Saskatchewan is who, exactly, is having their identity offended.
According to the Arts and Sciences Student Union at the university, they were pressured into altering posters for a planned fundraiser after being criticized for depicting a woman on a surfboard, wearing a bikini, an orchid and a pink Hawaiian lei. The complaint, reports National Post’s Jen Gerson, originated with an organizer from the Idle No More movement, and was posted on Facebook by Adam Gaudry, an assistant professor of native studies.
“To appropriate someone else’s cultural traditions to celebrate a party that involves alcohol without involving the people who are supposed to be represented removes the agency of the people whose culture is represented, and how their culture is practised,” said Mr.  Gaudry.
“It’s basically an outsider selling an outsider culture to other outsiders without really reflecting on that process.”...Read more...
So if it has nothing to do with native Hawaiian culture, what’s the complaint?

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