Thursday, January 16, 2014

Site under Construction and the 'Big Canoe' - update

  • This place is in need of a facelift, renovation, overhaul, or maybe sent off to cyberspace, as in delete. 'Copy and paste' sounds simple. Searching, google this, google that, read news get more depressed and angry. This is therapy? Pain management? Pain, now there is a  subjective word. When I was in hospital, there was a fella next to me, had his lung removed, cancer. He could feel no pain.[link] Speaking of, now I can hardly move my head because a bolt of pain sobers me up, and pain meds makes me dozy and forgetful. If "Pain" were a field of study I would have a  PhD. Yes, I would have doctorate in pain, also, and so the condition of this blog is all the more distressing.[link] I still don't know how to operate this machine. How do I start a new paragraph without messin up and having to start all over again, it is a plus that Blogger lets you edit after posting. Keep marching on Thomas, just pretend that no one will read this except you. That's not too difficult.
      • I am reading Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly. George Catlin writes in a curious and valuable work "North American Indians," writes: "In the centre of the village is an open space, or public square, 150 feet in diameter and circular in form, which is used for all public games and festivals, shows and exhibitions. The lodges around this open space front in, with their doors toward the centre; and in the middle of this stands an object of great religious veneration, on account of the importance it has in connection with the annual religious ceremonies. This object is in the form of a large hogshead, some eight or ten feet high, made of planks and hoops, containing within it some of their choicest mysteries or medicines. They call it the 'Big Canoe.'[Chapter V. The Deluge Legends Of America.] I still read articles or books about the antediluvian world. The 'Big Canoe', stuck in my mind. You can read edition on line Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.

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