Monday, January 13, 2014

Captain Kenju Terauchi encounters UFO

by Taylor Schlacter 
 The events of Japan Airlines flight 1628 are immortalized as one of the most compelling UFO close-encounter cases of all time.
There are several contributing factors that validate the latter, including, but not limited to: the fact that the report was made by Captain Kenju Teraushi, a former Japanese fighter-pilot with over twenty-nine years of flight experience (at the time of the event), as well as his copilot and flight engineer; the dialogue between the crew and the FAA flight control tower was recorded for the entire duration of the event; the latter dialogue confirmed that military radar picked up additional traffic (aka the presence of another aircraft) in the immediate vicinity of JAL flight 1628; and even the alleged intervention by the CIA whom confiscated the aforementioned radar evidence.
So what happened?...Read here...

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