Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Three more H1N1 deaths in Saskatchewan swine fluBy Pamela Cowan, The Starphoenix:
Family members of a Regina man who recently died after contracting H1N1 says people should not take their health for granted.
"I've never had the shot but we're definitely researching it now," said Saskatoon resident Grant Closson, whose cousin Ryan Walter died on the weekend due in part to H1N1.
"Being a father of two myself, if it's a simple preventative measure, maybe it's worth getting."
Six Saskatchewan residents who contracted H1N1 have died this flu season, the provincial government confirmed Tuesday. Walter, a father of six, was an otherwise healthy 35-yearold until he went to a Regina hospital last week seeking treatment for pneumonia.
His family didn't expect anything more than a routine hospital stay.
"They wanted to keep him overnight and send him on his way the next day," Closson said, adding his cousin didn't get a flu shot this year.
"But his condition continually worsened where they had to induce him into a coma days later and he didn't come out of it. In the end, they believe it was pneumonia and H1N1."
Three more Saskatchewan residents who contracted H1N1 have died - bringing to six the total number of deaths associated with influenza, said Saskatchewan's deputy chief medical health officer, Dr. Denise Werker...Read here...

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