Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christians under threat: over 100 million persecuted all over the world

[image]Church bombing Pakistanby Ksenia Fokina

According to the authors of the research, DPRK citizens caught with a Bible, as well as all their family are at best at risk of imprisonment and corrective labor, or in the worst case, the death penalty. Nobody is counting Christian victims in Somalia and Syria.

"Atrocious examples of cruelty towards Christians do not attract the attention of the world community", Deutsche Welle reports citing the head of Open Doors in Germany, Markus Rode. In fact it is one of the few open appeals for the European authorities and clergy representatives to step up their fight against mass violations of Christians' rights. Roman Lunkin, president of the Russian Religious and Legal Experts Guild, the leading researcher at the Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that in the situation of North Korea any appeals are useless. Nobody can get anything across to Kim Jong-un. However, that does not mean that one should not do anything. In addition, despite the danger, Christian missionaries work underground in North Korea.
"Christians in North Korea, in China and in Islamic states are not just local Christians. That also includes missionaries that go to those countries from Europe, the USA, and from Russia. I would not say that the Western community pay absolutely no attention to the persecution of Christians in North Korea, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq"...Continue reading...

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