Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How A Little Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory

Concerned about improving your memory function? What might work even better than vitamins or brain supplements would be some java because a new study suggest coffee helps memory loss and wards off forgetfulness.bestpicblog.com
If you’re trying to commit a set of items to memory, you may want to give your brain a bit of caffeine. But how you time it matters, finds a new study out today in Nature Neuroscience. The researchers found that giving people caffeine after they memorized a series of pictures significantly boosted their ability to remember the subtler details, compared to people who’d been given dummy pills. Before you down a six-shot Americano, though, be aware that there’s a sweet spot: A 200-milligram dose of caffeine – about the amount in a large cup of coffee – was the only one to do the trick...Read here...

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